Artist Statement


My art has been an evolution of my creative work combining images and imagination that inspires me. I create work that stands out and utilizes recycled material that often manifests into 3 dimensional pieces that extend off of the canvas from the 2 dimensional planes on which they are created. I use elements the audience is already familiar with to help connect to a message they subconsciously may have been thinking.

Using found object and discarded materials I give these items new life in art, re-purposing and “up-cycling” this material to live on in the form of an aesthetically pleasing art piece. Events shape our lives. I am influenced the most by my life experiences and memories as well as by events and thoughts that resonate with me.  My art imbues a feeling,  cultivated from an idea or a concept and parlayed to an art piece that challenges your imagination.  We conceptualize our thoughts in a media that feels most natural.  I have flirted with photography and enjoy it however, I enjoy the connection of working with my hands with tangible materials.

You will find a lot of re-purposed material from technology in my work for a number of reasons. There is an abundance of it and the more of it I use keeps it out of our landfills and keeps it from polluting our world. I am drawn to it. I was introduced to this material at an early age from my father who owned an electronics radio repair shop and my grandfather who had a workshop on his farm. There were days when I was literally surrounded by this material as a young child. There is beauty in the organized layout of circuit boards, the chaotic mesh of wires and circuits and the decaying state of discarded metals. There is an appeal to this material that I can appreciate.

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