Andrew R. Ko grew up in a farming community in Missouri and later lived in St. Louis and Chicago before moving to Los Angeles. Andrew would spend time in his father’s and grand father’s workshops surrounded by wires, circuits, and metals which is perhaps where his interest in these materials comes from today. Even at an early age he showed an interest in art. To this day he passionate about creative expression, intelligent design and art that challenges the status quo.

Born to Korean immigrant father and a Midwestern mother, Andrew has always had a unique perspective of life and lives it with energy, passion and drive in his pursuit to bring more artist beauty to the world. In tune with his own diversity he does not limit his creative expression to the canvas, Andrew creates with metals, found objects, lighting, wire, circuitry and is an experienced photographer. Andrew R. Ko creates mixed media landscapes with dimension and emotion. In his hands, common every day materials are given a new life. Perhaps it’s the transformation of these materials that makes his work so dynamic.

*Contact for sales, questions, or requests.

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